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Quiz: What time of year should you visit Blackpool?

Blackpool is one of the most popular UK holiday destinations, with around 18.2 million people visiting the seaside resort every year. When most of us think about Blackpool, we think about the summer and the sunshine. But it isn’t just for the summer holidays; it’s a fantastic getaway no matter what season.

When the lockdown ends and we can head out on holiday again, definitely put Blackpool on your list. Not sure when the perfect time to visit is for you? Then don’t worry - we’ve put this quiz together to help you figure out what time of year you should visit. So grab a pen and paper and let’s dive straight in.

When to visit Blackpool?

Would you like to see baby animals on your trip?

A) Of course!

B) It would be nice, but it’s not a deal-breaker

C) I don’t really mind

D) Not particularly

Do you want to enjoy the rides at the Pleasure Beach?

A) Yes, and I don’t care what the weather is like

B) Yes, but only if the weather is glorious

C) Potentially, but it’s not at the top of our list

D) No, it’s not for me

How do you feel about long waits for rides?

A) I don’t really want to wait too long

B) I’m absolutely fine with waiting

C) I don’t like waiting

D) I won’t be going on any rides

Do you mind crowds?

A) Not really

B) The more the merrier!

C) I love it when it’s busy

D) I prefer it to be as quiet as possible

Would you like to visit the Blackpool Eye?

A) Maybe, but probably not

B) Definitely

C) It could be interesting

D) Definitely not

Have you got your answers? Let’s see what they mean...

Mostly A

If you chose mostly A, it could mean that spring is the best time to take your Blackpool trip. Spring is an underrated time to visit Blackpool. The weather is usually nice as we’re in the run-up to summer, but there tend to be fewer crowds than in summer. This means shorter waits for rides and usually cheaper travel and accommodation. Also, you’ll have a higher chance of spotting some cute baby tapirs or giraffes at Blackpool Zoo.

Mostly B

The weather is beautiful, there are people buzzing around everywhere, and you have an ice cream in your hand. Sound good? If you got mostly B, summer might be the time for you. It’s probably the busiest time of year for Blackpool, but for good reason. There are so many outdoor activities so you can lap up the sun while keeping the kids entertained.

Mostly C

If you got mostly C, you’re looking at an autumn Blackpool holiday. The best thing about Blackpool in the autumn is, without a doubt, Blackpool Illuminations. People come from all over to marvel at the beautiful light display. Most people like to drive through them so they can stay cosy and maybe nibble their fish and chips as they go. To top it all off, the weather during the day is still usually on the warmer side, meaning you can enjoy Blackpool for all it has to offer.

Mostly D

If you got mostly D, you’re probably looking for a more relaxed, less crowded atmosphere for your holiday. An atmosphere that you can find in Blackpool’s wintertime. Maybe you just want to relax with evening entertainment, a nice meal, and a few drinks. It’s also important to note that winter getaways can be cheaper than those in the busier months, too.

Blackpool has so much to offer and is perfect for a holiday no matter the season. When you choose to go comes down to what you want your experience to be. Looking to spend your time outdoors and enjoy the vibe of a crowd? Then summer is perfect. Prefer to stay indoors in a quiet atmosphere? Then winter might be better.

Whenever you choose to go, let us be a part of your perfect holiday...

The Royal Seabank sits at the heart of Blackpool. Situated on the promenade and with rooms overlooking the Irish sea, The Royal Seabank is perfect for a family holiday or a couple’s getaway. Get in touch with us now on 01253 923 000 to book your dream holiday.

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